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What is ReveMax?

REVEMAX is technology driven, industry focused and future proof. Our goal is to help the commercial airline industry to monitor and manage its performance trends through calculated decisions, based on analytical data and subject matter expertise on the field. Intelligent technology for intelligent decisions.

Our Solution was purpose built to provide data-driven transformational insight to your environment. Our custom and highly scalable solution provides predictive guidance to your organization.

Emerging technology is part of our DNA, by introducing intelligent technologies at a granular level, we change behavior at its most fundamental point and support the paradigm shift that ensues within the organization.

What can ReveMax do?

Our data-driven predictive models can help companies solve long-standing problems in new ways with increasing of Revenue. REVEMAX can optimize your capacity with robust mathematical algorithms as to bring in ROI to drive Revenue with a Decision-Making solution.

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    Business Performance
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    Drive Strategy
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    Understand Customers
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    Predict Behavior
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    Identify Trends
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    Optimize Revenue
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    Plan Inventory
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    Optimize Marketing Budget
Our solutions

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ReveMax’s white-label Ancillary solution is geared by a set of features and functionalities coupled with a built-in airline strategy, offering a dynamic solution which can evolve with the Airlines growth and requirements. ReveMax believes in Business driving the solution rather than the Solution driving the business hence it can be tailor-made to the needs of the Airline to capitalize and reflect their brand through one voice along the solution’s experience across its landscape.

By intelligent targeting and a robust decision-making engine, it provides high yield incremental ancillary revenue for airlines. The solution brings in sophisticated algorithms focused on Customer Relationship Management with a seamless customer satisfaction journey using our suite of airline ancillary products.

Upgrade option

A complete end to end process which can be tailored to the airline strategy based on inbuilt algorithms that allow Economy passengers to avail travel in Premium classes. The solution offers a seamless engagement for the customer with built in processes to the fulfilment. This option can be accessed either by Bidding or through decisions that are based on many factors to include, availability, optimization criteria, customer profile, etc. Stringent business rules and artificial intelligence drive sophisticated customer profile analytics in receiving upgrades.

Lounge option

The solution earns revenues for airlines from selling Lounge access based on availability. This will be linked to the airline strategy, customer profile, other trip related factors etc. as not to dilute the Lounge product offering.

Empty seat option

The solution enables customers to buy 1 or more empty seats next to them for enhanced comfort. In the current Covaid-19 environment this option becomes critical. This option is important to several customer segments like business travelers seeking comfortable space to work or discuss, families traveling with kids or babies, couples desiring privacy, etc. may desire to purchase empty seats. ReveMax’s algorithms modify bookings while optimizing seat capacity and ensuring that necessary information is reflected in both Reservation and Departure Control systems used by airlines.

Xtra baggage

The solution earns revenues from selling baggage options that can be optimized on the bundling concept of the different ancillary products with built in airline strategy. The solution can assist airline to price the excess baggage based on cargo, total value of the customer value and potential network revenue based on the journey details.

Preferred seat option

The solution enables airline to capitalize revenues from advanced seat assignments for preferred seats based on airline strategy. The distress inventory seat can generate more revenues without any impact to your regular seat assignment sales, and enhances travel experience for your customers at an affordable price.

Other ancillary products integration

The solution has the capability to integrate any ancillary products which exist in the airline ecosystem. ReveMAX gives a single platform or single stop shop concept powered by intelligent technologies which optimize the product offering so that the airlines can maximize their increment revenue. All this can be linked to the ReveMax solution with a Forecasting capability to implement appropriate strategies.

Why Us ?

Why ReveMax?


Within today's environment there is often a lack of information transparency and coordination between the teams in Airline Commercial that has an impact on time to market which is eradicated by ReveMax.


Multiple tools exist to present, analyze, and report commercial performance, there by creating a natural duplication of effort which leads to a high risk of subverting the commercial intent of the airline.

Obsolete tools

Existing tools and technology are in a soon-to-be unsupported state as well as becoming less agile and scalable to handle changes in a timely manner.


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